M5Stack® M5StickC ESP32 LCD



M5Stick a small M5Stack, provided by ESP32. It is a development board IoT mobile, easy to use, open source.

What can it do? This small block can realize your ideas, enlighten your creativity and help protect your IoT in a very short time. It would take away a lot of pain formed the development process.

M5stick is one of the core device in the product range M5Stack built-in ecosystem of hardware & software developing. It has many modules & compatible units, as well as the technical community and open source will help you maximize your benefits in each step of the development process.

Feature articles:

- 5V DC Power Supply

- USB Type-C

- Based on ESP32

- 4 MByte Flash

- IMU SH200Q / MPU6886 6 axis

- Lead red

- Ring tone

- IR transmitter

- 1 button, OLED (1.3 inches), 1 Reset

- Musicians 2.4G: 440 Proant

- Pin 80 mAh Lipo

- Socket expand

- Port Grove

- Wear & Wall

- Development Platform UIFlow, MicroPython, for Arduino

ESP32 features:

- Microcontroller dual core 240 MHz Tensilica LX6 with 600 DMIPS

- Integrated SRAM 520 KB

- Integrated Wi-Fi transceiver 802.11b / g / n HT40, baseband, stack and lwIP

- Integrated dual mode Bluetooth

- Hall sensor

- The touch interface 10 times

- 32 kHz crystal oscillator

- Input / Output PWM / timer is available on each GPIO pin

- sdio master / salve 50 MHz

- Supports SD card interface


1x M5StickC
Cable 1x USB Type-C


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